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Auction #128


Thursday, May 24, 2018

The auction starts at 2:00 PM

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Great Britain --- Great Britain Offices in Morocco     1 - 41
Aden --- Bahamas     42 - 183
Bahrain --- British Guiana     184 - 329
British Honduras --- Ceylon     330 - 473
Cook Islands --- Hong Kong     474 - 623
India --- Mauritius     624 - 770
Mesopotamia --- Papua New Guinea     771 - 914
Penrhyn Island --- Southern Rhodesia     915 - 1055
Stellaland --- Virgin Islands     1056 - 1195
Zanzibar --- Zululand     1196 - 1282
British Empire Mixed Lots ---     1283 - 1283



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Colonial Stamp Company's #128
Specialized British Empire Public Auction

Colonial Stamp Company’s Spring Sale

Our 128th Specialized British Empire Public Auction Emphasis on 1840-1935 issues

Featuring a marvelous early Colonial collection that was seriously built-up over many years by a great private client of ours, from New England. He has an eye for scarce mint 20th-Century popular K Edward VII and K George V high values.

• Great Britain features £1 from Q Victoria, K Edward VII and K George V; there are Gibraltar values to the £5.

• British Central Africa has a £25 mint while Kenya & Uganda has K George V to the £5 and Natal also has a £5. Nyasaland goes to a £10 while Sierra Leone has both £5s. British East Africa ranges to the 50R and there are strong Gold Coast items (to the £2) and 34 different Madagascar lots. Seychelles features a Z52 38¢ on 9d rarity and there is a Stellaland “Twee” error, major Togo items (to the 1M) and strong Zanzibar with 2½d provisional varieties, 200R Sultan’s Palace (never hinged) and more.

• Canada shines with a Jubilee set to the $5, 1¢ Large Queen on laid paper with two Nova Scotia 1/-. There are comprehensive and strong runs of Bahamas and Barbados.

• Falkland Islands features Centenary set and a scarce 5/- shade (never hinged!). St. Helena shows the Tristan Relief set mint (plus used in blocks of 4). Samoa runs to the £5.

• New Zealand has both “Teddy Bear” errors, ARs, OPSOs and more. There are quite a few rare Pacific Islands varieties and some nice Australian ‘Roos.

• Straits Settlements has both K Edward VII $25s and Hong Kong has some nice lots to the $10.

Overall this Auction features a strong selection of popular Colonial sets and high values (many never hinged); A-Z, with many difficult and hard to find lots.

Terms of Consignment

The terms for consigning material are simple. First, please write or call with a description of the material before you send it. Your shipment should contain a minimum of $5000 potential realized value (For material totaling less than $5000, we will be happy to review it for outright purchase). Each mint or used item should catalog at least $250, unless you are forwarding a collection in its entirety. All 20th-Century material in that price range is acceptable. Nineteenth Century material should be in very fine condition. An inventory should be included with all shipments of sets and single items (not required for whole collections). Please send all shipments via registered mail for your protection. All material received that is not deemed suitable for consignment will be returned promptly. Shortly before the sale date you will receive a list of your items included in the sale and a copy of the catalog.

The commission rate is only 10% for items realizing $150 or over. Due to production costs the minimum fee per lot is $15 for items realizing less than $150. There are no other charges.

Payment to consignors commences 60 days after the sale, subject to invoices being paid and items on extension having cleared.

Market Report

George W. Holschauer



* Mint
** Never hinged
OG   Original gum
unused   Mint without gum
o Used
s/e Straight edge
On Piece
Cover or card
Block of four (or larger)
P Proof
S Specimen
Sh Sheet
E Essay
son Socked on the nose cancel

Catalogue values and numbers are from Scott - current "Scott Classic Specialized", SG – current "Stanley Gibbons Catalogue", MI – current "Michel Catalogue", Canada Specialized – Unitrade Catalogue of Specialized Canada Stamps, other catalogues used will be specifically mentioned. All foreign catalogue price quotations have been converted to US funds based on the prevailing rate of exchange as of the date the lot was written up; this accounts for slight monetary fluctuations.





Up to $100


$100.00 to $290.00


$300.00 to $725.00


$750.00 to $1,950.00


$2,000.00 to $3,000.00


$3,250.00 to $7,500.00


$7,500.00 and above


Bids which do not conform to the above intervals and advances will automatically be reduced to the appropriate level.


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